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Products and Services

Products offered by the Cell Culture Core Facility

Our product catalog is available online.
When you buy your supplies through the CCF, you never pay shipping & handling or dry ice charges

Our 2007-2008 Print Catalog is now available! Request your copy at the CCF or print from the .pdf Here (note file is 33 MB). For the most up-to-date price and availability, please refer to the online catalog.

Services offered by the Cell Culture Core Facility

Contact us for information about any of the services listed here, as well as requests for services not shown.

For Media Production contact: mediaproducts@ucsf.edu
  • Production of high quality tissue culture media, FBS aliquots, additives to stock media, buffers, and enzymes.
    Formulations for many commonly used media

  • Custom media can be prepared to your specifications. We can work from a protocol or journal article. We have hundreds of recipes in our database.

  • Cell Banking. The CCF maintains an extensive on-campus cryogenic (ℓN 2) cell bank for the convenience of UCSF researchers.
    • Many cell lines are owned by the CCF and are available for purchase for a nominal fee (frozen vial or flask of growing cells).
    • Researchers can choose to store cells with us; we will manage the inventory and provenance.
    • Vial storage fees are much lower than commercial services.
    • We are certified to ship cells to colleagues around the world.
    • As additional backup, the CCF has placed Pacific Bio-Materials Tracking, in Fresno, on retainer to move the cell bank to a safe location in the event of a disaster. Having your master stock stored in more than one place reduces the likelihood of loss.

  • Testing. The CCF provides Endotoxin testing of your samples (LAL gel clot assay). If you require other tests, the CCF will be able to prepare, pack and ship samples to the testing lab of your choice.

  • Tissue Culture Service and Consultation. The CCF has highly trained staff who can draw on years of experience, providing advice and service.
    We are able to provide what you need, from a frozen vial of cells to any size flask of growing cells (T-25 -> roller bottle -> multi-level tissue culture flask systems). We have hundreds of cell lines available (see CCL), and can provide information regarding passage number and culture conditions for each. The CCF can also manage highly difficult primary cell lines, hybridomas for monoclonal antibody production, isolation of cells from tissue biopsy samples for iPS, and cloning of cell lines from mixed populations. We will work with you to accomplish your research goals.

  • Custom Oligos and Primers. Available through our product catalog, researchers can order oligos from Integrated DNA technologies (IDT), Operon (OPE), Sigma (SIG), Invitrogen (INV), and Bioneer (BNR). Finished product can either be picked up or delivered.

  • DNA sequencing services are offered from SeqWright (FSH) and Agencourt. Samples can be dropped off at Parnassus S-1000 or Genentech Hall S-212. Sequence data will be sent electronically.

  • Open Biosystems Products can be ordered from the product catalog, OBS, go to Forms for advice on ordering.